About Alexandre Bonotto

At an early age, Alexander Bonotto was driven by an interest in real estate. He believed that the real estate business was a good economy builder for any country and this reason; he would be compelled to learn and sell properties at an early age. This gave him the experience and knowledge that he needed in his future career. As an active and energetic man, Alexander has had a successful 15-year experience as a real estate expert and has been involved in the selling of high-end properties. He was ambitious, and his love for water and the ocean made him come up with technology that was Eco-friendly Marine Technology. The name of this current exciting project was called the Hull Washer which is still in existence today. The Hull washer is the first cleaning solution for maritime vessels that removes the hull fouling using Eco-friendly and extremely efficient scrubbing process.

The Hull washer is environmentally friendly, and it helps keep the environment unpolluted through mechanical options only and eliminating the spread of chemical substances in water through an advanced system of water intake and filtering. The Hull water provides safety to the maritime vessel by preventing the formation of algae this is because it operates at the very beginning o the vegetative layer. This method replaces all the old-fashioned methods of haul-out, anti-fouling applications, smoothing, and launching. In this new method, the vessel is left in water where the complete treatment happens in such a shorter time and a safe and efficient manner. The Hull washer also saves so much time and money by avoiding haulage and launching operations. All the while the vessel remains in water as the full process is done.

Hull Washer is certified by the Bureau Veritas, a global leader in inspection, testing, and certification, which helps deliver quality and helps clients meet their responsibilities in an efficient way.